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A LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment is an archive that a Canadian Employer needs to get prior to recruiting a foreign skilled worker. It shows there is a requirement for a foreign skilled worker to fill a task and that no Canadian labourer or lasting inhabitant is accessible.

How would you get a LMIA Services in Canada?

On the off chance that a Canadian Business needs a LMIA to employ a foreign skilled worker, they should apply for one. It should meet the accompanying rules.

  • There is a requirement for a transitory foreign skilled worker
  • No Canadians or Permanent inhabitants are accessible for the work
Immigrate to Canada (Permanent Status)

What happens when you get your LMIA?

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) allows you to employ transitory foreign skilled worker to fill work and expertise deficiencies. When a LMIA has is given, you ought to give a duplicate of the affirmation letter to every transitory foreign skilled worker and advise every one of them to apply for a work license. You'll require a LMIA from ESDC, Service Canada.

Try not to take any risks with your LMIA application. It is an interesting interaction, and dismissal is tedious and exorbitant

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